When I began my blog about this time last year I first posted something of a placeholder. I haven’t really been pleased with the formatting of it and don’t really have the know-how to change it. But time changes all things and new opportunities present themselves.

So Im really excited to debut this new page, scroll around, peek in the corners. Most of the content moved over from the blogspot page but its wrapped up in a new sleek look. You’ll notice some links to my sponsors pages and social media feeds as well as two distinct portions of the page called “Journey” and “Podium Shorts.” I found that my old blog was a great place to think kinda big in the context of racing but actually found I really wanted to start doing more race recaps and reports but the Podium shorts really didnt feel like the place for it. So moving forward you will see the “feels” posts in the Journey page and the short recaps and tales from the podium on the Podium Shorts page.

You will also see a healthy Sponsor  page and I ask you give these folks  consideration next time you need anything they offer. Every one of them has been chosen or approached because they are the very best at what they do and are a big part of keeping me moving and winning.

The other big addition is a coaching page. Ive been asked by several folks if I offered any type of coaching and have done some in the past for groups and individuals, often on a very informal basis. Because of this I have decided to start offering both canned training plans built from plans I have used in the past but tailored specifically to the wants and need of the client and also individualized coaching packages. I’m probably most excited about the training camp and group or team sessions! Working with a group to identify a location and a package where skills, nutrition, and amazing singletrack are topics of daily discussion I am hoping to put together multi-day camps at neutral locations such as Mulberry Gap Mtn Bike Getaway in Ellijay GA and Stokesville Lodge in Stokesville VA where riding dirt and rider improvement are the primary goals and all the details are taken care of! Guest riders will also be in attendance as guides, chefs, and co-coaches.

All of the changes and details out of the way here’s to making 2015 a really memorable year focused on taking it all to the next level for me and you!